In a past article we talked about the importance of the minimum value to write a property and how it was not advisable to vary it unless you want to face a fine for non-payment of taxes, among other consequences. 

And it is that it is necessary to know how to appraise a home in its fair measure, neither more nor less. For this reason, we are going to detail in this article all the keys for the appraisal of a home.

The first thing is to define the appraisal, since one thing is what you think it is worth and another is the Property Valuations Adelaide real value. Therefore, it must be done by an official figure, that is, an appraiser technician who will give us an idea to establish the value of our real estate so that we can proceed with its sale without losing money.

In addition, there are also more reasons to go to an appraiser and that is that in case we need to resort to a bank loan, that is, a mortgage, we must have the value of the home established in writing since it is required by law.

In order to establish the price of a real estate that we want to sell, we must know what are the factors that appraisers value the most, as well as other technical and legal aspects that influence the final value of the appraisal.

But first of all we emphasize the importance of deeding for the real Estate sale value and not for the minimum , since one thing is what the house really costs and another for the minimum that can be deeded.

On the other hand, we indicate who can do the appraisal of a property and this is none other than an expert appraiser who must be an architect or technical architect with specific training and belonging to one of the appraisal companies mentioned above.